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Laura Sorvetti

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Laura Sorvetti
Hello! I am an Archivist at Kennedy Library's Special Collections and Archives. I can help you navigate archives research and primary sources, from Kennedy Library's Special Collections and Archives to around the world and online.
Special Collections and Archives
Kennedy Library, Cal Poly
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Hello! I am Laura Sorvetti (she/her/hers). I work in Special Collections and Archives at the Kennedy Library, Cal Poly.

In my work I help researchers navigate the world of archives and primary sources, both at Cal Poly and beyond.

I help students consider the critical and ethical uses of these materials.

In my work, I advocate for what archives can add to scholarly and creative work, while also being critical and aware of the gaps and silences in mainstream archives, especially for me, with Cal Poly’s archives.

It wasn’t until I was partway through my history grad work that I even realized that archives existed, and so I aim to increase awareness of the archives for all students, faculty, and staff at Cal Poly.

In my work, I also bring my perspective as a historian and my training as a K-12 educator and as a letterpress printer.

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