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Open LibGuide Review

This LibGuide is a documentation of the Open LibGuide Review Sessions projects at CalPoly.

Past Review Sessions

Watch an overview and a demonstration of a session, provided by the Open Access Conference at San Jose State University. 


Date of Review Author Rubric LibGuide
August 5, 2020 jaime ding link Draft of Peer Review, Citation Practices, and Finding Scholarship 
August 5, 2020 Mercedes Rutherford-Patten link Library Resources and Services for New Students
September 2, 2020 Sarah Lester link Patents (screenshot of previous version)
September 2, 2020 Laura Sorvetti link University Archives
September 10, 2020 Russ White link GIS  (archived previous version)
October 21, 2020 Laura Sorvetti + Russ White link Researching SLO History
November 18, 2020 Sarah Lester link  Aerospace Engineering
December 2, 2020 Mark Bieraugel  link Top 9 Business Information Sources
January 15, 2021 Laura Sorvetti link Artist's Books
January 29, 2021 Jesse Vestermark link Architecture (+)
February 12, 2021 Russ White link Digital Projects Lab
February 26, 2021 Sarah Lester link Civil & Environmental Engineering
April 15, 2021 Working Meeting N/A N/A
April 29, 2021 Mark Bieraugel link Inclusive Excellence 
May 13, 2021  Sarah Lester link Computer Science and Engineering 
May 17, 2021 jaime ding link Fantasy Worlds of Reality TV for Critical Pedagogy Symposium 
May 27, 2021  Jesse Vestermark  link Planner's Toolkit: Research Tips for CRP Students
October 7, 2021 Laura link Special Collections and Archives
October 29, 2021  jaime ding link Fantasy Worlds of Reality TV for Open Access Symposium (watch
November 4, 2021 Russ link Intro to Data Visualization
December 2, 2021  Sarah  link Graduate Student Research Guide



In the Summer of 2021, Robert E. Kennedy Library participated in Camp LORDS.

Camp LORDS was a summer weekly working group to catch up on the work and continue important conversations that were started in the past year. Please see below for the topics and working ideas that came up during these sessions. 

Date Topic
June 22 Working Meeting
June 29 Tech Day
July 13  Mapped Boxes Day
July 20  Bios Day
July 27  Working Meeting
August 3 Collective Statements Day 
August 10 UX/UI Day
August 17 Tech Day 
August 24 Rubric Review
September 27 Subject Headings
  Template Design
  LibAnswers /Shared Assets