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Open LibGuide Review

This LibGuide is a documentation of the Open LibGuide Review Sessions projects at CalPoly.

CSU Wide Efforts

The LibGuides Open Review Discussion Sessions (LORDS) Project works towards cultivating a community across California State University Libraries that provides space for critique, conversation, and criticality.   

With the aim to form a peer-to-peer network throughout the California State University system, LORDS works to establish local review sessions at each of the California State University Libraries, as well as bring practitioners together to have conversations about their work and methods of reference. This work is lead by the CSU Digital Publishing Interest Group, specifically jaime ding, Dana Ospina at Dominguez Hills, Melissa Seelye at San Francisco State, and Alyssa Loera at Cal Poly Pomona. 

CSU Wide Toolkit 

The following links provide the documents that may help inform and guide local and multi-campus LibGuide Open Review Discussion Sessions. These documents were compiled and written by jaime ding, January 2020, with edits from the LORDS team, and Zach Vowell. 

LORDS has been discussed and presented at the following organizations and conferences: