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Digital Commons

A guide to posting and navigating DigitalCommons@CalPoly

Detailed Instructions for Upload

  1. Navigate to DigitalCommons@CalPoly:
  2. Click on Submit under Author Corner in the right sidebar.
  3. Click on Submit Senior Project under Senior Projects.
  4. Click on your Department Name.
  5. Click on the Submit Research button under Author Corner in the right sidebar.
  6. You will be prompted to log in. To log in, click on the My Cal Poly Portal and login using your existing Cal Poly username and password.
    • If you do not have a Cal Poly username and password, you will need to create a free account. To do so, click on Create New Account. Follow the prompts to create an account. After your account is set up, follow steps 1 and 2 (above). When you are prompted to log in, be sure to do so under the section "For other existing users."
  7. Read and review the Student Senior Project Contributor Agreement, check the box at the bottom of the page to agree to the above terms. For more information on ADA compliance, please visit here. Click Continue.
  8. Follow the prompts and enter information about your project:
    • Full title of your project as it appears on the title page of your project (required).
    • Email address of author(s) (required) – Enter a non-Cal Poly email.
    • Full names of author(s) (required).
    • Institution (required) – Enter California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.
    • College for each author (required).
    • Department for each author (required).
    • Degree name for each author (required).
    • Date (required) – Enter the month and year as it appears on the title page of your project.
    • Primary Advisor’s full name, college, and department separated by commas. (required) – DO NOT include titles such as Dr., Ph.D., Professor or Mr./Ms./Mrs.
    • Additional Advisor's full name, college, and department separated by commas (optional).
    • Subject categories (optional) – Selecting a subject category can improve the discoverability of your project.
    • Keywords (optional) – Up to six words or phrases, capitalized, separated by commas. Entering words not found in the title or abstract can improve the discoverability of your project.
    • Abstract/Summary (highly encouraged) – Entering a brief summary can improve the discoverability of your project.
    • Abstract Format (optional) – An abstract may need to be formatted to display correctly.
    • Access (required) – Default is Open Access –No Embargo Required. Select the appropriate access restriction ONLY IF you and your advisor agreed on a restriction.
  9. Upload your project by selecting Upload file from your computer, and click the Browse button or Choose File button to locate your senior project on your computer (required).
  10. Check the box to upload a copy of your Cashier's Receipt for your Senior Project Processing Fee (required).
  11. Click Submit.
  12. Follow the instructions to upload your Cashier's Receipt (required).
    • Once the file appears, enter "Proof of Payment" under Description, and unclick the box under Show.
  13. If you have supplementary files, follow the same instructions for uploading your Cashier's Receipt.
    • Once the file appears, enter a name for the file under Description, and make sure the box under Show is clicked.
  14. Click Save, and click Continue.
  15. From this screen you can revise your submission or logout.

You will receive an automated email, confirming your project was uploaded. Once your advisor and/or department approves your submission, the project will be posted publicly to the DigitalCommons@CalPoly. You will receive an automated confirmation email once your project has been posted.                        

Making Changes to your Uploaded Project

You may upload revisions of your paper ONLY IF THE STATUS OF THE FILE APPEARS AS “UNDER REVIEW”.
You will not be able to make changes or remove your project once it has been POSTED (made public) to DigitalCommons@CalPoly.

Contact the Digital Commons Staff at for questions.

If you need to revise your submission or add supplementary files, log into your account. Please note: you will need to login with the non-Cal Poly email you entered under the Author section. You can create an account using your non-Cal Poly email. Click on the paper title that appears toward the bottom of the My Account page, and select Revise submission or Add supplemental content in the upper left hand corner of the screen.