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University Archives: Researching Cal Poly

Researching Cal Poly in the University Archives and beyond

University Datasets

There is a variety of campus data available for use in research. 

Cal Poly's Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research provides data from approximately 1998 onward at their website: 

Records of Office of Institutional Research prior to 1998 are available in the University Archives.

Historic demographic and enrollment data 

University Archives collections include enrollment records starting with the first year of enrollment (1903). Data is included for gender, ethnicity and race (since Fall 1973), department, college, year, and other topics. 

Some historic enrollment records have been digitized. You can see what we've digitized here: 

Facilities compiled a chart of annual total enrollment from 1903-1997 here:


University Archives has enrollment data that you can request by emailing

This includes:

  • total student enrollment by year
  • men/women student enrollment by year
  • ethnicity and race by year (starting in 1973)
  • number of graduates by year
  • number of international students at Cal Poly from 1950-1992

Clery Reports

Clery Report - Annual Security Report

University Archives holds print copies of the Annual Safety Reports from 1999-2015. Request UA550.04 at the Special Collections service desk.

Archived online access via the campus Police Department:

Direct link to archived online access 2015 onward:*/