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Using OneSearch and Off Campus Access to Library Resources

Topic guide that provides tips for using OneSearch and Accessing Licensed Resources from Off-Campus

EZproxy Boomarklet

The EZProxy bookmarklet allows an authorized user who comes across an article they want to access while not connected to the proxy server to instantly find out if the full text is available through a library subscription.

1. Copy the following line of code to your clipboard: 


2. Create a bookmark in your browser's toolbar (in most browsers, this is as simple as right-clicking the bookmarks toolbar and selecting "Add page" or "New Bookmark") and paste the above code into the URL field. 3. In the name field, add a name that makes sense to you. For example: "Kennedy Library Proxy" or "Check Cal Poly for full text." 4. After that, if you're at a non-proxied page for an article you want to get, click the bookmarklet to see if you can get it.

How it works:

The EZProxy bookmarklet adds the library's proxy prefix to a URL. When you’re off-campus or not on the campus network, the proxy bookmarklet lets you reload a web page to access licensed library resources through non-Cal Poly sites such as Google, Google Scholar, email and social media links etc. 

If you have the publisher's URL, add Cal Poly's EZproxy prefix before the publisher provided URL.

For example:

The bookmarklet can only be used within a browser that supports bookmarks and personal settings such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE, including mobile browsers iOS and Android. Once you add this bookmarklet, you will see the Kennedy library proxy in your menu bar. If the page you are visiting is one that the library has a subscription for, using the bookmarklet will enable you to access the resource as if you are on-campus. You will be prompted to log in to My Cal Poly and will be returned to the web page you were on when you clicked the bookmarklet.

To utilize the bookmarklet, make sure your browser is configured to:

  • Allow pop-up windows
  • Accept third-party cookies
  • Enable JavaScript

MAC USERS: Use Safari as your preferred browser. It is not possible to install the EZProxy bookmarklet in Chrome on some Mac operating systems (e.g., Mojave and High Sierra). If you must use Chrome as your browser you will need to install an EZproxy browser extension. Search Google for "EZproxy extension." If you are prompted to define the proxy domain, type in

What if it doesn't work?

If the bookmarklet doesn't work for a particular article, it likely means either we don't subscribe or you might be trying to access the journal from a different source than Cal Poly's subscription. In those cases, to be certain we don't subscribe, you'll need to look up the journal title in OneSearch. If we do not have access, OneSearch will provide any Interlibrary Loan options as available to order the material from another library.