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Using OneSearch and Off Campus Access to Library Resources

Topic guide that provides tips for using OneSearch and Accessing Licensed Resources from Off-Campus

Requests via OneSearch


  • To view and request items from OneSearch, you must be signed in   
  • You can request items from Kennedy Library, other CSU Libraries, and other partner libraries
  • Fastest in order:
    • Items in Crandall Service Point  (don't request it -  quickest to get it off the shelf yourself)
    • Items in Retrievable Collection (held on campus but must be retrieved upon request.
    • CSU Libraries 
    • Other Libraries 
    • Terms to be Supplied 
  • In OneSearch, if Kennedy does NOT have a copy, filter for CSU Libraries and make the request from one of those results, in order to get the speediest access (Delivery Estimated in 3 Days)
  • If no Kennedy or CSU copies show up in the results your may say Estimated Delivery 7 days
  • Your slowest option will be any result that says: Terms to be Supplied.  We can still usually get it, but have to find a library willing to share.

Important: Print textbooks are usually blocked from loan by other libraries, so do not count on this as a way to get a required textbook. 


  • To view and request digital items from OneSearch, you must be signed in   
  • Before you submit a digital request, follow any Open Access or Google Scholar prompts to see if an item can be obtained on the spot - sparing you any delay
  • Another way to often get to a digital item faster is to use a DOI, PMID, or ISBN number in the "Find By Citation" Tool.  This may reroute you to instant access; if not, making a request  from the OneSearch record you land on will be the fastest one possible. (See screenshot for the location of this "Find by Citation" tool; a video below also walks you through it. )

Important: Only a single chapter or less than 10% of a digital book can be shared digitally, so do NOT try multiple chapter requests in an attempt to get a required textbook.

                                                                                                            Use the find by Citation link above with a DOI or ISBN for speedy requests!