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This guide introduces geospatial tools, datasets, and resources for applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in scholarly and creative work, across the disciplines.

Critical Cartography

What is Critical Cartography?

Critical Cartography is a set of mapping practices and lens of analysis grounded in critical theory, specifically the thesis that maps reflect and perpetuate relations of power, typically in favor of a society's dominant group.

Critical Race Spatial Analysis

Critical race spatial analysis (CRSA) is an explanatory framework and methodological approach that accounts for the role of race and racism in examining geographic and social spaces and that works toward identifying and challenging racism within these spaces as part of a larger goal of identifying and challenging all forms of subordination (Velez, 2017)

Vélez, V. (2017). Ground-Truthing: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as Community-Based and Anti-Racist Praxis. Resistance GIS.

Who owns the map?

Google Maps vs. OpenStreetMap

Maps and Perception

Indicatrix of Deformation

True Size of...

Dynamic Maps