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This guide introduces geospatial tools, datasets, and resources for applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in scholarly and creative work, across the disciplines.

Esri Business Analyst Online (BAO) is a Web-based tool for accessing location-based demographic, marketing and business data, for detailed insights about consumers, their lifestyles, buying behavior, and business locations.

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The Cal Poly ArcGIS Online Organization is available for academic uses by current students, staff, and faculty. Please review the Cal Poly ArcGIS Online Documentation for guidelines and best practices. 

ESRI Tapestry helps you understand your customers' lifestyle choices, what they buy, and how they spend their free time. Tapestry classifies US residential neighborhoods into 67 unique segments based on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. That's how you get more insights so you can identify your best customers and underserved markets.