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This guide is specially curated by by your Architecture & Environmental Design Librarian to provide basic architecture research guidance PLUS key resources closely related to built environment research.

Books & eBooks (video)

Bias in Book Search Terms

The way we use words are full of historical context, which affects the way words organize our knowledge. In Cal Poly's case, we use a standard dictated by the  Library of Congress Subject Headings, a “controlled vocabulary” to catalog materials. These subject headings determine the results from keywords that you may type into your OneSearch bar).  They work similar to the hashtags in social media, except that the wording is decided upon by the LIbrary of Congress, not the collective users.

The Library of Congress Subject Headings began in 1898, posed (and still poses) as a stance of “neutrality.” As a “controlled vocabulary,” subject headings are used to organize and connect terms in library catalogs across the world.  The LOC Subject Headings were created because the Library of Congress itself was moved to a new building. This list (originally large bound books) was based off of American Library Association’s list in order to catalog the vast array of subjects and support the nation’s interests at that time.

Taken from jaime ding's guide, Peer Review, Citation Practices, and Finding Scholarship