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This guide is specially curated by by your Architecture & Environmental Design Librarian to provide basic architecture research guidance PLUS key resources closely related to built environment research.


This guide has been created by

CAED Librarian Jesse Vestermark

to serve all at Cal Poly who are studying

architecture ("plus" related disciplines).

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Pictured: Plaza of the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale University, New Haven, CT (Photo: Jesse Vestermark)


Architectural Resources Focused on Black, Indigenous and People of Color

Corporate search engines like Google and databases such as those provided by Kennedy Library will, to varying degrees, return results that reflect the dominant whiteness and hetero-centricity of American and western culture.  This problem can appear in the articles and images themselves, in skewed rankings from biased algorithms (formulas that decide the relevance of results) and in outdated or offensive keyword filters or subject terminology.  In an effort to counter this problem, this box contains a working list of references to resources that promote information on architects and firms featuring people identifying as black, indigenous or people of color.