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Inclusive Excellence: Resources for Learning About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This guide is designed for all Cal Poly students, staff, and faculty to become familiar with important issues regarding inclusive excellence.

Naming this Guide and Cal Poly Organizations and Support

This box explains how the author of this guide chose to name it Latinx. In the US there has been an evolution of terms used for this population including Hispanic, Chicano, and Latino. In researching pan-ethnic labels for populations in the US, the author looked for the most inclusive word available and found it to be Latinx. In addition the author looked at Cal Poly's student and faculty organizations Latinx organizations to determine their naming conventions, and found most organizations used Latinx in their name. 

Cal Poly Student Organizations and Support


Cal Poly Faculty and Staff Organizations and Support

Reports on Latinx Students and Instruction

Books on Latinx Topics