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History 100 - Researching in the Archives

This guide is designed to help HIST100 researchers locate University Archives collections and materials.

Student Activism at Cal Poly

Cal Poly students, faculty, and staff have led activism movements at Cal Poly dating back to the 1960s. Student clubs and organizations have lead many of the movements across campus, and have led the charge for changes and improvements to Cal Poly, including the creation of the Pride Center, the MultiCultural Center, the Ethnic Studies Department, and diversity and equity movements throughout the decades.

Records in the University Archives reveal the activities, demands, petitions, and activism. You can find these events and movements documented in many collections. 

Here are some starting places to get started:

  • explore our map of activism documented at Cal Poly
  • search our online collections and publications (especially the student newspaper) for articles about clubs, events, and leaders
    • student newspaper and online publications
    • photos
    • begin with secondary sources (research papers) to get some context and background information

Mapping activism at Cal Poly