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Google Your Way to a Great Job!

Get the job you deserve by researching your future employer!

Generate Your Target List

Company or Institution Research

Your 1 Hour Research Plan

Start with Your Target Company or Institution Website

  • Read for immersion into your target organization
  • As you research you write - what excites or interests you about your target organization?
  • Research yourself into the organization’s mindset, into their world. To look at the world through their eyes

Step by Step

  1. About section - examine how your target talks about itself
  2. Mission statement, vision statement - inspirational goals
  3. Goals of the company, organization, or institution – read press releases or articles posted on your target’s website
  4. Products, Services – can also be outcomes or goals if focus is on institutions, schools, nonprofits

Your Area

  1. Your division or area
  2. Read to see how you can help them, what can you offer them

Corporate Culture and Charity

  1. Read about their charity work, what it is like to work there.
  2. Culture can be “work hard, play hard,” maternity/paternity benefits, hiring practices, mentorship programs.
  3. Charities, community giving, what is important to your target?
  4. Try to answer the following question: What do they care about, what do you care about, connect them together

Other Points of View

Google News

Search your company name, other key terms of interest

If you find negative news, keep such news to yourself. Use the news to help you decide if your target is suitable for you.


Information on how targets interview, postings from people who work for your target organization

More Websites for Target Generation

Some Additional Sources for Finding More Job Opportunities

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter - company's have specific handles for posting jobs, for example, @VerizonCareers


  • Specialty Job Site for Your Industry

There are too many industry specific/job function specific job posting site. Below are a few to get you started.

To find your industry or job function job website try Google:

"job search" "your target industry"

  • – technology
  • eFinancialCareers – obvious
  • MediaBistro – ditto
  • DiversityJobs
  • CollegeRecruiter
  • TalentZoo - creatives
  • HCareers - hospitality

Industry organizations

  • Google “YOUR INDUSTRY” “industry organization”
  • Often have job search/job posting on the industry organization's website