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RPTA 110 - Orientation and College Success in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration

Need to Know Resources for Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration

Welcome to the RPTA 110 Library Research Guide!

This guide contains information about the library and links to resources to support your studies in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration. 

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Finding Books
Searching for Articles
Citing Your Sources
Evaluating Sources

Make Good Use of Sources

How to Use Sources in Research and Writing 

(From the Library's Research 101 series)


Source: Bizup, Joseph. “BEAM: A Rhetorical Vocabulary for Teaching Research-Based Writing.” Rhetoric Review 27.1 (2008): 72-86. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 4 February 2014.

BACKGROUND: Using a source to provide general information to explain the topic.

EXHIBIT: Using a source as evidence or examples to analyze.

ARGUMENT: Using a source to engage its argument. Most will be scholarly sources written by researchers and scholars. These are the sources you engage in conversation.

METHOD: Using a source's way of analyzing an issue to apply to your own issue, whether it's to borrow an approach, concept, idea, or method.