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Senior Project Guide for Packaging

Resource list for top sources for product packaging information.

Top Packaging Sources

Global Market Information Database - for packaging trends and for what is currently happening in packaging your product. Search using the upper left hand corner search box. Remember to narrow search by "USA" via left side of page. "Category Briefing" reports have trend, competitor, and sales figures and forecasts for your product. 

Books - for the history of the product - links to CalPoly's library to search for both physical and ebooks

Articles about Packaging - use for trend information, consumer behavior and desires, and changes in packaging your product

Packaging World - search this for packaging news, trends, and innovations

Packaging Digest - click on the upper left 'sections' for a list of articles

Paper, Film, and Foil Converter - more technical news about a wide variety of packaging solutions

The Packer - produce packaging and produce industry news

Big Bucket Search - searches broadly for articles the library buys for you