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Research Help Desk and Reference Resources

Limited Access to Microfilm and Fiche Due to Health Situation

The below information refers to availability when the Kennedy Library building is fully open in regular circumstances.  Currently microfilm and microfiche are unavailable.  

Senior Projects (before Fall 2009)

Senior Projects submitted to the Library before Fall 2009 are available on microfiche on the 2nd floor of Kennedy near the Research Help Desk. Senior Projects submitted to the library from Fall 2009 and after are available online at the DigitalCommons@calpoly.

Diablo Canyon Collection

The Diablo Canyon Collection includes microfiche and paper.  For more information on this collection, explore the Diablo Canyon Research Guide.

Of Microforms, Maps, and Senior Projects

Senior projects prior to Fall 2009 are available near Research Help on the 2nd floor.  Senior Projects after 2009 are available online at the DigitalCommons@Calpoly.

Other microforms such as microfiche (rectangular cards) and microfilm (on spools) should be requested at Research Help on the 2nd Floor by filling out the request form. Microfilm and microfiche are readable on machines housed near Research Help on the 2nd floor, but can be scanned and stored to USB flash drives. It is also possible to take photos with phones or tablets.

Instructions for using the machines are provided near the machines but personalized help is available from librarians and LibRATs (student assistants) at Research Help on the 2nd floor


Print maps are housed on the 2nd floor of Kennedy to the south of Julian's CAFE (at the end of the book stacks).   Some are in metal cases, while others (most of the SOIL SURVEY MAPS) are in bound green volumes on adjoining shelves.

USGS Topographic Maps 
Geologic Maps 
Soil Survey Maps  - NOTE: THE SOIL SURVEY MAPS ARE GREEN AND LOOK LIKE BOOKS and are on the SECOND FLOOR at the END OF CALIFORNIA DOCUMENTS at the end of the books behind Julian's Cafe.
Flood Insurance Maps 

Note: USGS Topographic Maps can also be accessed online in digital format at US TOPO:

San Francisco Chronicle and San Luis Obispo Tribune on Microfilm

The The San Francisco Chronicle from 1873 to 2008, and the San Luis Obispo Tribune from 1926 to the present are available on microfilm (spools).