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Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Documents

Documents such as reports, studies, hearings, and operational reports related to the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plan.

Hints for searching ADAMS

How to Search ADAMS Public Documents

  • For best results, use the Advanced Search tab.
  • Choose Public Library or Public Legacy Library
  • Build your search in the Document Properties area.
  • "Matching all criteria of group" is useful for searching for topics and names
    • Use Document Title contains to search for topic keywords
    • Use Author Name or Addressee Name to search for correspondence or testimony by a specific person
    • Use Document Date to limit your search to a specific date or range of dates
    • Keyword consists of terms assigned by the NRC and is not generally useful for searching
  • To limit your search to Diablo Canyon documents only, click "More options" to open "Matching any criteria of group," then use the docket numbers associated with each generating unit:
    • Diablo Canyon 1:  05000275
    • Diablo Canyon 2:  05000323
  • The full list of docket numbers is available on the NRC site.
    • Useful for researching other nuclear facilities

How to Use the Results

  • Full-text documents will display a PDF or "text/plain" symbol to the left of the document title. Very large documents or multiple selections may be in a zipped file.
    • To download a full-text document, check the box next to it and choose "Download" at the top of the search results.
  • If the document does not have full text available, you will need its Microform Address.
    • Check the box next to the title and choose "Properties" at the top of the search results
    • Go to the Custom tab in the Document Properties box and scroll down to Microform Addresses
    • Write down the number you see there (e.g. 50275-63) along with the title of the document and bring it to the Research Help Desk
      • The Research Help Desk can retrieve the microfiche you need and help you to view, print, or save documents
    • The Microform Address refers to the fiche number (e.g. 50275) and the point on the fiche where your document begins (e.g. page 63)
    • Each microfiche contains 13 rows of 28 page images each (364 page images); a single microfiche can contain many different documents, and a single document may start on one microfiche and continue to the next
  • To print the properties of one or more documents:
    • Check the box next to all desired titles and choose "Report" at the top of the search results
    • Choose "LEGACY Custom"
    • A list of the properties (including custom properties such as Microform Addresses) will be presented in a new tab
      • This list can be printed using your web browser print command or copied and pasted into a document or spreadsheet