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Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Documents

Documents such as reports, studies, hearings, and operational reports related to the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plan.

ADAMS databases

ADAMS stands for Agencywide Documents Access and Management System.  This database system lists virtually all published documents related to the operation of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the facilities they oversee.  All documents published after 1999 are in ADAMS in a full-text, pdf format.  Prior to 1999 a limited number of the records have full-text documents attached to the bibliographic records.

NOTE:  Nearly all of the documents published prior to 2000 are in the NRC microfiche collection at Cal Poly.  You need to get the fiche number and the location on the fiche for the desired documents.  This information can be gotten from the ADAMS Public Legacy Library online or the Title List of Documents Made Publicly Available (a paper index in the Cal Poly collection).

ADAMS Public Documents includes two databases.  In the Advanced Search tab, select one or the other using the check boxes.

  • Public Library
    • November 1, 1999 to present
    • Mostly full-text
  • Public Legacy Library
    • 1960s to October 31, 1999
    • Bibliographic citations plus some abstracts and full text
    • Lists location in microfiche collection

ADAMS Electronic Hearing Dockets includes documents related to the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel (ASLBP) hearing process.

  • Electronic Hearing Dockets
    • 2010 - present
    • Includes orders, exhibits, pleadings, and transcripts
    • Most are publicly available; limited-view documents are identified with a lock icon
  • Staff Discovery Materials
    • 2010 - present
    • Includes disclosures, statements, clarifications, and correspondence