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Berkeley Electronic Press

B.E. Press

B.E. Journal in Economic Analysis & Policy
Includes: Advances in Economic Analysis & Policy; Contributions in Economic Analysis & Policy; Frontiers in Economic Analysis & Policy; and Topics in Economic Analysis & Policy

B.E. Journal in Macroeconomics
Includes: Advances in Macroeconomics; Contributions in Macroeconomics; Frontiers in Macroeconomics; and Topics in Macroeconomics.

B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics
Includes: Advances in Theoretical Economics; Contributions in Theoretical Economics; Frontiers in Theoretical Economics; and Topics in Theoretical Economics.

Journals in Economics

The library subscribes to more than 50 economics journals -- search PolyCAT to find a journal. Select the Subject tab and type economics--periodicals
If you know the journal title select the Journal Title tab and type the title.
For example: Economics letters