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BUS 463 Research Guide

This guide will help you search and find information from both Cal Poly library resources and government sources. As always, please contact me, Mark Bieraugel for any help.

Your Assignment

For BUS 463 you'll need to find the following information: 

1. Economic conditions:- GDP, interest rate, inflation, unemployment rate, commodity pricing

2. Government regulations:: Tax Policy, Employment laws, minimum hourly rate, Environmental Law, Trade Restrictions, Tariffs

3. Competitions: Porter's Five Forces: Industry competition, bargaining power of customers,  bargaining power of suppliers, threat of substitution, and threat of new entrants

4. Industry factors: A five-year forecast of the industry and key trends. An assessment of the key drivers that will impact this industry moving forward.  A five-year growth forecast of all key industry statistics

Finding Economic Conditions and Government Regulations -- Searching for Government Data

Competitions: Porter's Five Forces

Industry Factors