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Case Studies

Finding Case Studies, Analyzing Case Studies, Writing Case Studies

What is a Business Case Study?

Business case studies describe invented or real life events faced by an organization. A good case study demonstrates the process a company goes through to solve one or more problems. By reading a case study you get an insider's view of one way a solution was found for a problem by one company. Some criticisms of case studies, according to an article in the Financial Times,  notes that women leaders aren't represented in case studies, and "some themes, sectors and perspectives — including those of labour unions — are played down." 

Also white male leaders in businesses are overrepresented in published case studies. According to Steven Rogers less than 1 percent of the 10,000 case studies published by Harvard Business School feature black business leaders.

This guide helps you find case studies and resources that can help you analyze and write cases. It can also help you prepare for case competitions.

How To Analyze A Case and How to Write a Case

Find Case Studies in Our Library

Search each of the below library resources (databases) to find case studies. 

Journals to Search for Case Studies