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BRAE 331 - Irrigation Theory

Recommended Resources

Searching for Articles

A variety of scholarly databases (thematic collections of literature and other resources) are available through our library subscriptions.  Some are also free for anyone to use.  Important databases for BRAE researchers are listed here as a starting point. 

Which database is right for your research? 

Two main considerations for choosing a database are content and features.  

Content: The description under each database title on this page gives an indication of the subjects included in its content.  You can often find more detail by doing an internet search for "title list" or "source list" and the name of the database.  For example, here is a list of the content of the Compendex database.  Your librarian can also help you identify the best databases for your research. 

Features: The look and feel of a database (and your options for refining a search) depend on the database platform. The Using Databases video below will show you common and unique features to look for in whatever database you are using, so you can get oriented fast. 

Agricultural Extension Documents
Agricultural Statistics
Useful Websites

Notice: Materials taken from the Web must be used with permission and properly attributed. Information about using Government Resources