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An interesting Google Scholar search to explore methodologies

To get an idea of some of the complexities that can be involved, view results from this search in Google Scholar

WHAT is it? Using .gov site searches

So you will want some basic facts about your ingredients, and even for some of the ingredients IN the ingredients.  One place to easily get reliable facts of this sort is by doing a smart google search, entering the name of your ingredient and then adding

For instance, 

beef site:gov




Live examples are listed below!

WHAT is the environmental impact? Using .gov site searches

Use a similar search strategy, but add a basic word  such as   environment       or   pesticide     or    health

for example:

beef environment

blueberries pesticides

You can also use this technique to searching for statistics,:just add the word statistics to your search!

for example:

statistics beef environment

Live examples are listed below!

Using OneSearch to find More Information

To get more detailed articles and information on your topic you can use OneSearch.  You can also get items with basic information by filtering for Encyclopedia Articles on the left.

Below are some sample searches, filtered for "books" and "available online at Cal Poly"

Google Scholar and PubMed for More Information - keep your search terms simple, ie, beef environment

Want to inform your visual with statistics?