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AGB 304 - Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Agriculture

Business Model Canvas Resources

The Cal Poly business librarian's guide to BMC 

A useful discussion of building a Business Model Canvas. 

This guide from the library at the University of Missouri presents resources for each part of the Business Model Canvas. Cal Poly may have different resources, which you can find on the Agribusiness Research Guide

Recommended Resources

You can find the most up to date guidance (e.g. on how to interpret Crosstab data or Quick Reports) when signed into the MRI Simmons database, under the question mark icon in the top menu.  

Making good use of Google

Explanations of how Google search works, and lists of Google search operators, from Daniel Russell, Google Senior Research Scientist, Search Quality & User Happiness.

MRI Simmons Tutorials

Dairy trade resources

Trade publications

Trade publications offer industry news and opinion, price reports, supplier lists, market information, etc. 

Specialty food trade publications (list compiled by U. of Maine Cooperative Extension)

Select examples:

Dairy Herd

Cheese Reporter

Industry groups

A source of information and shared messaging.

Media Resources | The California Dairy Press Room & Resources

Government information

Production, price, and export statistics. 

USDA Dairy Market News

Scholarly resources on agriculture, food science, and health

Citing Databases

As noted in the guidance from the American Psychological Association, below, it is rarely helpful to cite a database (because most works are discoverable via more than one database).  An exception is when the database contains proprietary information that cannot be accessed in another way, such as some of the business resources Cal Poly subscribes to.  

APA Style Guidance on Citing Databases 

Guidance on how to cite such sources is not as detailed as for other kinds of information, so in some cases you (or your instructor) must choose an approach, with the goal of presenting enough information for the reader to locate your source material.  

For MRI Simmons reports, you can follow APA guidelines for a dataset.

Examples are linked on this external library page: