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PLSC/ 355 - Citrus and Avocado Fruit Production

Recommended Resources

Searching for Articles

You must use a database to search for articles. Kennedy Library has many different databases and indexes to choose from. Some are very broad and cover a wide variety of disciplines, while others are very narrow and only cover specific disciplines.

An example of a broad database/index is Academic Search Premier. This database/index covers almost all disciplines (e.g. psychology, business, biology).

An example of a narrower, subject-specific database/index is AGRICOLA. This database/index covers topics in agriculture and related disciplines.

It is important to select an appropriate database or index when searching for articles, so you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily. 

Use one of the databases listed below to search for articles on your topic.

Searching for Books
Web Resources

The following are examples of acceptable Web sites that can be used as a source. 

Avoiding Plagiarism
Citing Your Sources