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Digital Projects Lab

Data, GIS, and Digital Projects at Kennedy Library

Academic Software for Personal Computers

Cal Poly Software Hub logo

Download and install available software titles to your personal computer through the Cal Poly Software Hub. These software titles are available to students, staff, and faculty for teaching and learning.

The Cal Poly Software Hub also connects you to the Virtual Computer Labs (AppStream), and enables students, staff, and faculty to work with a variety of academic software tools, all through a web browser, anytime from on- or off-campus.

Academic Software to Cal Poly Workstations and Tech Rentals

Cal Poly Software center logo

Download and install available software titles to Cal Poly owned PCs and Tech Rental PCs, through the Cal Poly Software Center. This enables staff and faculty access software titles for teaching and learning. Students are able to install software on Tech Rental PCs.

Similarly, use the Self Service app for Cal Poly owned Apple devices and Tech Rental Macs, to install and update available software titles on Mac computers.

Access Discounts on Student Software

Cal Poly Software store

Access discounts for academic and personal use software available through the Kivuto OnTheHub. This site may provide discounts on software not otherwise available, though check the above sites first, so be certain a free license isn't already available.


AutoDesk Education Community

Access over 70 free and student-edition software packages including:

AutoCAD (PC and MAC versions),

AutoCAD Civil 3D and Map 3D

Revit, 3ds Max Design, Maya, and many others.

ESRI ArcGIS Software

ArcGIS Pro image logoArcMap image logo

ESRI ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap 10.x desktop GIS software are available for students, staff, and faculty to install on campus or their own personal computers for academic use. This includes the ArcGIS Advanced license, with extensions such as 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, and others. Note: ArcGIS requires the Windows operating system. For Mac users, see the information below run ArcGIS though the Virtual Lab, or through ArcGIS Online.

Tableau Desktop Student Edition

Tableau is a powerful easy-to-use program for visualizing data. 

JMP Software

JMP statistical software is also available for download on personal computers through the Cal Poly Software Hub

SAS University Edition

Download a Free full version of SAS software for student, faculty, and staff non-commercial use. Join the SAS University community for additional resources and support, or visit to learn more.

Download SAS University Edition

Solid Works

3D mechanical CAD software for design and engineering applications. Integrates design, verification, communication and project data management. Solidworks is available through the Cal Poly Software Hub, to be run on the Virtual Computer Lab, or to download a student edition from Solidworks.

More information and instructions to download solidworks on the ITS page Install or Deactivate SolidWorks - Cal Poly ITS Knowledge Base.