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How to find, create, cite, and use in papers and presentations.


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Finding Images - Best Places to Look

Image Search Engines

Google Images is a quick and easy way to find lots of images from web pages across the globe. But it only searches web content that it can find -- many images are actually hidden in databases or archives (whether freely available or in Cal Poly's subscription databases). The quality of images - size, resolution, description, usage rights - also varies considerably on the open web. Use Google, but don't rely on it for all image searches. Explore this page for more high-quality options.

Image Sharing Sites

Be sure to follow license conditions and terms of use.

NOTE: To download images from Flickr, some require a Yahoo account sign up. To workaround this, follow the directions of this video:

RIGHT CLICK on View all Sizes option and then Save Link As. 

Kennedy Library Image Databases

Digital Image Collections

The following are selected digital collections that provide access to a variety of images in the public domain and under copyright. Please check the terms of use and image rights statements for more information.

Reverse Image Search

Data Visualization Resources