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FSN 101 - Orientation to the Food Science and Nutrition Majors

Need to Know Resources for Food Science and Nutrition

Welcome to the FSN 101 Library Research Guide!

This guide contains information about the library and links to resources to support your studies in Food Science and Nutrition. More tips and tutorials, frequently asked questions are available under General Library Tools and Resources. More research resources are available on the Food Science and Nutrition Guide. Both are linked in the menu on the left. 

Searching for Articles

Visit the Food Science and Nutrition Guide to access specialized databases for your disciplines.

Important Journals and Publications
Professional Organizations
Citing Your Sources

Find citation guidelines

This Library guide introduces you to popular resources for creating and interpreting references to sources.

Choose a Citation Management Program

This table (compiled by librarians at UC Davis) compares key features of popular software options (some of which are free).

Citation management software can streamline the process of creating a bibliography by allowing you to capture descriptive information about your sources in order to quickly reformat a list of works cited in the style required for your project.

Tip: It is your responsibility to double check imported/auto-generated citations for completeness and appropriate formatting.


Peer Review

The process of peer review is one way in which credibility is established in scholarly literature. Peer-reviewed journals submit manuscripts for critique by scholars in the author's field before publication. This peer review is intended to ensure the articles reflect solid scholarship and advance the state of knowledge in a discipline.

This video explains peer review and its importance in the research process. (video courtesy of North Carolina State University Libraries)

How to tell if an article was peer reviewed? 

    1. Look for limits/filters
        Many databases allow you to specify that you want to search only in “peer reviewed” or “refereed” sources.    

    2. Records for the journal in the Onesearch library catalog, , identify them as peer reviewed where applicable. 

    3. Search the web for information about the journal. Publishers maintain a website for each journal.  Look for sections like “about this journal” or “editorial policies” to read whether the journal is described as being peer-reviewed/refereed. 
               An example can be seen under Overview on this journal's webpage.