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Masters in Public Policy

Quickly find Statistics on Government Sites

Add the word      


to any keyword search and then add the following site and filetype tricks.  For example:

                 traffic accidents statistics filetype:pdf

Remember, no space between the colons, and don't forget the period before  gov  or edu

Specify by domain and/or filetype

If you want ONLY results from a government site, end your keyword search with

If you want ONLY results from an educational site, end your keyword search with

(Note: no spaces between colons and be sure to include the  period after the colon)

                   Example:    homelessness mental health



To get ONLY results with pdfs, end your keyword search with       filetype:pdf

To get ONLY results with powerpoints, end your keyword search with      filetype:ppt

(Note: no spaces between colon, and do NOT include the period for filetype)


                  Example:  homelessness mental health filetype:pdf



You also can powerfully COMBINE these limiters and get some really targeted results.

for example :     homelessness mental health filetype:ppt         

                          this will will give you ppts from education sites


 you can search any publicly shared Google Slides presentations by using the search term "". Docs and Sheets are similar, using "" and "" respectively.


or :                    homelessness mental health filetype:pdf      

                          this will drill deep into  government information