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Theatre History and Research

Figuring out call numbers

•    LB -- Read the first line in alphabetical order: A, B, BF, C, L, LA, LB, M, ML...
•    2395 -- Read the second line as a whole number: 1, 45, 100, 101, 2000, 2430...
•    .C65 -- The third line is a combination of a letter and numbers.
      Read the letter alphabetically. Read the number as a decimal, e.g.: .C65 = .65
•    1991 -- The last line is the year the book was published.
      Read in chronological order: 1985, 1991, 1992...

How to use a call number to find a book on the right floor and shelf

A Call Number is the "address" of a book that is written on its edge.

The library has different "collections" that you can think of as the "neighborhood" in which your book lives.

Examples of such neighborhoods are "Main Collection"  "New Books" and "Teacher's Resource Collection."

You need to identify the "neighborhood" first, and then use the call number.

The Main Collection is SO BIG that it covers five floors.  The first LETTERS of the call number will help you tell which floor to go to.

Library maps ( or the boxes below) give an outline of which call numbers are on which floors.


2nd Floor

Main Collection A-DR, and California Documents/ City/County documents and AGX are located to the rear of Julian's cafe.

Call Number   Subject 
A General Works
B-BJ Philosophy
BF Psychology
BL-BX Religion
C-DR History


The New Books Shelf, Newspapers and Good Reads are located in front of Julian's Cafe.

Current Periodicals and DVDs are located west of Good Reads.

The Research Help Collection and Senior Projects from before 2009 are located near the Research Help Desk.

3rd Floor - Main Collection (DS - N)

Call Number               Subject
DS -  F History
G Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
H Social Sciences, Business
J Political Science
K Law
L Education
M Music
N Fine Arts, Architecture

The Teacher's Resource Collection is also on 3rd floor to the left of the main stair landing.

4th Floor - Main Collection (P-QZ)

Call Number Subject
P-PT Language, Communications,Literature

5th Floor - Main Collection (Q-Z)

Call Number Subject



S Agriculture
T Technology, Engineering
U Military Science
V Naval Science
Z Bibliography, Typography