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Planner's Toolkit: Research Tips for CRP Students

Peer-reviewed articles are a subset of the scholarly article genre.


What are Scholarly Journals?

Characteristics of scholarly journal articles:

What is Peer Review?

The goal of Peer Review is to assess the quality of articles submitted for publication in a scholarly journal. Watch the following 3-minute video to learn more about the Peer Review process.

For alternative viewing, press play, then select the "CC" button for closed captions, or select the gear icon and select from the following: Playback speed, Subtitles/CC, or Quality. Video from Peer Review in 3 Minutes by NCSU Libraries.

Note: Not everything published in a scholarly journal undergoes the peer-review process. When limiting to "peer-reviewed", OneSearch catalog and library databases are filtering by the type of journal, and not distinguishing the variety of content in the journal, which can also include editorials and book reviews that are not peer-reviewed.​ Additionally, the peer-review and publication process often takes a year or longer, so it might be hard to find peer-reviewed articles for emerging topics/events.