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Library Services During Building Transformation Project

News and updates related to accessing Library services and collections.

About Library Pickup Lockers: What and Where

The Library Pickup Lockers provide a secure, convenient, 24/7 self-service pickup location for library materials.  The lockers are located on the Dexter Plaza, near Subway and next to the main entrance to Dexter (bldg. 34).  A campus map is linked at the bottom of this box.  

This service is available to members of the Cal Poly community, including students, faculty, staff, emeritus, and affiliates with library checkout privileges. Materials that may be picked up in the lockers include books and DVDs from Kennedy library's circulating collections, located in Crandall Gym or retrievable from limited campus storage, as well as books and DVDs requested from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan.

Items will be checked out to you before they are placed in a locker.  You have seven (7) calendar days to pick them up.  Items not picked up in 7 days will be checked back in and returned to the shelves or the lending institution.

If you cannot pick up your items within 7 days, please email or call 805-756-5760 to make other arrangements. For questions regarding Interlibrary Loan items, please email

For all other questions, please make use of 24/7 Live Chat Help.

Note: a Book Return bin is located near the Library Pickup Lockers so you can conveniently return materials.

Note: The Luxor One App is the most seamless way to use the lockers - download it for one touch opening of the lockers when you have an item, instead of awkwardly opening up an email for your code.  Full details below!

Library Pickup Lockers: What is the Process?

Starting September 21, your first OneSearch request for a physical item (such as a print book) will trigger a Welcome email from LuxerOne.  So if this is your first such request, sometime after your request go to your CalPoly email, look for that welcome email and follow the prompts to complete your account.  You only need to do this once, and in your settings you can choose to have items placed in lower lockers if that is important to you. The process for all further requests is as follows:

  1. Request items from OneSearch.  (Be sure to sign in or you will not see request options)
  2. Choose "Library Pickup Lockers - Dexter Plaza" as the pickup location.  In some cases the option defaults to Library Pickup Lockers.   Unless you want off-campus delivery (which takes much longer) be sure and choose "Library Pickup Lockers -Dexter Plaza"
  3. Once your items have been retrieved or received by library staff, you will get an email (Notification of borrowed Materials) from the library
  4. Once your items have been placed in a locker, you will receive an email from LuxerOne with pickup instructions and your access code
  5. Go to the Library Pickup Lockers and use the locker touchscreen to retrieve your items.  Methods for opening the locker: the easiest way is to download the LuxerOne App which will always tell you when items are ready for pickup and with the touch of a button your locker will open.  You can also enter the code manually or use a QR code.  By the way, stand back a bit as the locker doors open pretty quickly!
  6. Retrieve your items and close the door.  Be sure to take all your items!
  7. Select "Exit" on the touchscreen.
  8. You can return any unwanted items directly to the Book Return bin located next to the lockers
  9. If you experience difficulty retrieving items during regular business hours, please call the Access Services Desk in the Crandall Service Point at 805-756-5760.  After business hours please use 24/7 Live Chat Help.

Pickup Lockers FAQ

Q. Are the Library Pickup Lockers accessible?

A. Yes.  You may set a preference in the LuxerOne mobile app for a lower-level locker, or leave library staff a note when you request an item.

Q. Where are the lockers?

A.  In Dexter Plaza near Subway and the main entrance to Dexter (bldg. 34), adjacent to parking lot H-10.

Q. Is there a charge to use the lockers?

A.  No.  This is a free service provided by the Robert E. Kennedy Library.

Q. May I pick my books up in person at Crandall?

A. No. With the exception of fragile media and library-use-only items, the Library Pickup Lockers replace the previous circulation desk hold shelf. You may of course check out items held in Crandall in person without submitting a request.

Q. May I pick up items other than library materials at the Library Pickup Lockers?

A. No. The Library Pickup lockers are for library materials only.