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Landscape 101

Getting Started with Academic Landscape Architecture Research


little island in new york cityThis guide has been created by

CAED Librarian Jesse Vestermark

to serve Landscape Architecture students.

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Pictured: Little Island, New York City, designed by Heatherwick Studio with landscape by Signe Nielsen. (Photo: Jesse Vestermark)


Organizations that Promote Fact-Checking Skills on Social Media

Want to become more fact-savvy when it comes to social media?  I highly recommend following MediaWise and VERIFY on your social media accounts.  Staff and volunteers of these accounts break-down their fact-checking research on common issues and questions.

From the MediaWise homepage:

MediaWise empowers people of all ages to become more critical consumers of content online. We teach people digital media literacy and fact-checking skills to spot misinformation and disinformation, with initiatives specifically designed to engage Gen Z, college students and older Americans. Our innovative, digital-first program works constantly to address the ever-changing landscape of misinformation across the internet.  We believe that when facts prevail, democracy wins.

From the VERIFY "about" page:

VERIFY is dedicated to helping the public distinguish between true and false information. The VERIFY team, with help from questions submitted by the audience, tracks the spread of stories or claims that need clarification or correction. We provide trustworthy, transparent information to prove or disprove them. VERIFY's sources are always provided, allowing the audience to see exactly how the team determines the veracity of any claims.