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AGB 318 - Global Agricultural Marketing and Trade

This guide presents information resources for AGB 318. Resources are described the first time they appear on the page.

Recommended Resources

Country Facts
Cultural Analysis
Economic Analysis
Current Food and Beverage Trends
Research the Imported Product
Who is your U.S. Target Market?

The following resources will help you learn how to access information in the MRI Simmons database:

Demonstration with screen shots, from Gast Business Library

Introduction and Building a Simple Crosstabulation, from the Pace Library (14 min. video)

Quick Reports, from the Pace Library (8 min. video)

You can find additional guidance (e.g. on how to interpret Crosstab data or Quick Reports) when signed into the MRI Simmons database, under the question mark icon in the top menu.  

Trend and Industry Analysis

Citing Sources Using MLA Style