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Summer Institute 2018

Library Research Seminars for Summer Institute Students

Week 1 Learning Checklist

After successful completion of the first Library Research Seminar, you will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities, resources, and people at Kennedy Library to help you succeed academically
  • Locate resources, services, study spaces, help, and technology that are available in the library
  • Conduct searches effectively in OneSearch

Library Research Survey

Are You Ready for a Scavenger Hunt?

Find Books and More

1. Go to the Kennedy Library website or the Cal Poly Portal to access library resources.

Kennedy Library website

2. Use OneSearch to find books in Kennedy Library

OneSearch is Kennedy Library's search engine of print/electronic books, articles, journals, DVDs and other resources.


Example of a book found in OneSearch:

Book titled Time travel in Einstein's universe

3. Search the website for information about Kennedy Library's spaces, people, information resources, and technology.

below the search box, there is a link to website

How to Read a Call Number

A Call Number is the "address" of a book that is written on its edge. The Library of Congress Classification System uses a combination of letters and numbers to arrange materials on library shelves by subject.

How to read a call number line by line

how to read a call number

Each side of an aisle of the bookshelves has two call numbers on white paper on the end to represent a range that runs from upper left to lower right of the aisle.  The first code is the call number of the first book on the upper left of the aisle, the last is that of the last book on the lower right at the far end of the aisle.  Each vertical section of the metal shelving runs a portion of this range, and then starts anew at the top left, like the pages within a book.

How to Locate Books in Kennedy Library

The library has different "collections" that you can think of as the "neighborhood" in which your book lives.

Identify the "neighborhood" first, then track down the call number. For example:

  • Main Collection: covers floors 2-5, from call numbers A - Z.
  • Good Reads is on the 2nd floor, look for books on the shelf by author
  • New Books is on the 2nd floor across from Julian's Cafe
  • Course Reserves is at the Circulation Desk (1st floor Front Desk)


Library maps will tell you which floor your book lives on.

Library of Congress Classification System

The Library of Congress Classification System

Library Scavenger Hunt Rules

GooseChase App
Rules of the Game:
  • 6-7 people per team (5 teams maximum)
  • 1 device per team
  • 1 Team Captain
  • 30 minutes play time
  • 1st and 2nd prizes for teams with the highest number of points
  • Do not run (walking quickly is okay)
  • Take only relevant photos so you get the points (photo = evidence that you completed the mission)
  • Some missions require that you type the answer.
  1. Download the GooseChase iPhone or Android app.
  2. One person on the team signs up for an account and selects the assigned team #.
  3. The Team Captain joins the game by searching for "Kennedy Library Scavenger Hunt " + your classroom number (111H or 216B) from within the app (click the search button and enter the game name).
  4. Once everyone in class finds it, you will be given the password to begin.
  5. Start completing missions when the game is started!

Library Scavenger Hunt Debrief

Report out in teams:

  • What is one thing that surprised you about the library?
  • Were there any missions that were difficult to complete?