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jaime ding

Digital Publishing Fellow
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jaime ding
Trained in interdisciplinary histories of objects, specifically trash and its relation to whiteness - loves trash very much and wants to value that which is not valued; follows and frames her work with Black feminist scholarship; does not believe in the "imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy,” trying to work towards abolition.
Kennedy Library, Blg 35 - 512
A rather large, sometimes loud, East Asian American cis woman who is an avid twitter user to follow #CiteBlackWomen; still learning from things, streets, containers, and language, as she was trained in interdisciplinary histories of objects, (trash) and their relations to whiteness and power. Always hoping to collaborate in thinking about what public means, and currently devoting a lot of time to thinking about systems, cleanliness, mobility, beauty, standards, translation, simplicity, visuality, and value. She used to dream about changing museums through laughs and touch; this dream has been translated into other methods of accessibility of scholarship. Believes in libraries.

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