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Research Skills: COSAM & SOE

Fall 2021 Updates

Hi everyone! Fall 2021 has brought and continues to bring many changes to campus. Specifically for CSM a number of databases have changed interfaces and/or created new platforms, some just a month ago. It is an exciting time as these databases are regularly (weekly and monthly) creating more user friendly tools. The biggest changes have happened in Web of Science, SciFinder Classic, SciFinder-n, Reaxys, and PubMed (and related NLM tools). This instruction site is still be updated. Please be patient there have been a series of technical issues.

Library Research Resources & Instructional Materials

Smarter NOT Harder Research Model

Students have a lot of work to do and not much time. That is why it is important to focus on subject specific research tools, resources and methods to help you find the information you need as quickly as possible. That way you can focus on reading and understanding the content and successfully complete your assignment. 

Pre-lecture and Video Viewing Homework:

Foundational Research Skills:

The College Research 101 Starter-Kit provides foundational self-guided tutorials and videos allowing students to learn or review basic generic research skills concepts. 

Advanced Foundational Research Skills

The following is a set of Google tutorials covering a variety of research skills and topics to help students learn or review "the basics" needed to find scholarly information. If your professor would like evidence that you finished the tutorial follow the directions at the end of each tutorial.

How to Read a Scientific ArticleCharacteristics & Organization of Peer-Reviewed Scientific Articles 

How to Read a Scientific Article: Utah State Libraries (0:2:11) at 

Create Accounts and Article Folders for Subject Databases: