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International & Multilingual Research Resources

What are "international & multilingual" research resources?

The following resources are part of a curated list of international and multilingual research resources covering a variety of: topics, resource types (ex. peer-reviewed articles, books, proceedings, dissertations, white papers, data sets), and countries. Many of these resources are not indexed in GoogleScholar or traditional Eurocentric subscription based article databases. This international and multilingual content is often not part of Google search results in the United States. Thus this incredible information knowledge base is "hidden" for most US based researchers and results in less international collaborations, duplication of research, and more. This list is a small part of movement to understand that global issues need to be addressed holistically and collaboratively around the world by distributing information. There needs to be a paradigm shift that recognizes that research conducted by researchers based in other countries, governments, and international cooperatives are not sub-par and should be valued along with English language peer-reviewed articles published in "traditional" modalities.  

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Medicine & Health

Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities