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ISLA 456

Intro to archival research

Group Activity 1

Group 1: You are researching Chinatown and the Chinese experience in San Luis Obispo. What collections are in Special Collections and Archives? What has been digitized?

Group 2: You are analyzing the response to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination by Cal Poly students and administrators. What materials has the archives digitized on this research topic? What audio has been digitized?

Group 3: You are going to rebuilt the Farrar “Copper Spine House”, designed by architect Mark Mills. What materials does Cal Poly have on this house? What has been digitized?

Group 4: You are researching the working relationship between architect Julia Morgan and her client William Randolph Hearst while they are building Hearst Castle. What materials does the archives hold that will help with your research? What has been digitized?

Group 5: You are researching the establishment of the Gay Student Union at Cal Poly. What materials does Special Collections have on the organization? What is written in the student newspaper?

Learn more about Special Collections and Archives

Learn more about using the resources in the in the archives here: