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Digital Commons

A guide to posting and navigating DigitalCommons@CalPoly


Use of Original Work not Created by the Faculty

Faculty need to secure copyright permissions from the original copyright owner if the work contains third party content (including but limited to images, large quantities of journal or book content, tables and figures, music and other accompanying material). You are asked to indicate via the contributor agreement that you have permissions. Consult the library copyright web page for additional guidance on this topic:

Cal Poly Intellectual Property Policy

The full policy can be accessed online at

Copyright Protection of Faculty Work

Original work is automatically protected under copyright as soon as it is recorded in a tangible form. Faculty works do not have to be registered through the U.S. Copyright Office for their work to be protected by copyright. For more information, please visit the US Copyright website.

You as the contributor, or the copyright holder, retain(s) all rights when your work is contributed to the institutional repository. Copyright is not transferred. 

If you wish to further clarify the rights of reuse of your intellectual property, you may consider utilizing a CreativeCommons license, which is a free legal tool that helps authors easily indicate the allowed uses they want their work to carry. Learn more about CreativeCommons at: