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EOP Library Support

Guide for EOP students


Welcome EOP students!

The Kennedy Library is committed to providing an inclusive environment and a sense of well-being. We value the quality of your academic experience as a student at Cal Poly. Whether you are a student who participated in the Summer Institute program or a student who is part of the Educational Opportunity Program, the Kennedy Library has some quick links to resources listed below that may be beneficial for you.

EOP Study Space - Kennedy Library 511

The EOP Study Space is a designated study space for EOP students available during Weekends and with extended hours during Prep Week and Finals.

  • Located in Room 511, on the 5th floor of the Kennedy Library (to the right of the elevator or left of the stairs).
  • Please sign in and out every time you use the space so that we may better serve you.
  • Be respectful to other EOP students by being sparing with the items provided.
  • Remember to keep the volume low so that other students can also study.

If the room is locked or you have any other issues, please contact the library's front desk (805)756-5760.

Calendar - Study Space Available Hours


Use Guidelines


Pride, Responsibility, Character. Tips for your success: Be Honest: Ask for help. Be positive: Do great work. Be open: Share your ideas by placing them in the suggestion box, so we can improve for you. Be a team player: Support each other by creating a welcoming and productive environment.Pride, Responsibility, Character. Use the SI/EOP Study Space the Mustang Way: Be official: Sign in every time you use the room. Be neat: clean up after yourself. Be quiet: Keep the volume low. Be considerate: Leave the whiteboards ready for others. Be green: Please recycle trash.

Study Space Pictures

Feel free to use the numerous tables, chairs, white boards, and power cords. Additionally, there is a microwave, coffee maker, and refrigerator available for your use. Please discard any items from the refrigerator by Sunday night.


Academic Resources

Resources from Partner Departments