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Affordable Course Materials

A guide for exploring course reserves, electronic resources, and OA/OER

About Fair Use and Course Related Digitization

Kennedy Library is able to assist instructors in digitization of course materials on a limited basis and in accordance with Fair Use criteria. Upon request, we will evaluate whether we can digitize materials for instructors using the following criteria as a guide. The following criteria is adapted from Stanford Libraries, "Measuring Fair Use: Four Standards." Please see that page for a more granular analysis. 

There are four factors that should be considered when assessing whether or not a request falls under Fair Use conventions: 

  • the purpose and character of your use
  • the nature of the copyrighted work
  • the amount and substantiality of the portion taken, and
  • the effect of the use upon the potential market.

If you'd like to make a digitization request, email with your course number (eg ENLG 134), course title, number of sections taught, the title of item you'd like digitized, the exact page range and reason for request.

Note: Kennedy Library does not collect or house digitized items for instructional use, but will deliver searchable and accessible PDFs to instructors to use in conjunction with the online delivery of course materials for students.