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Advanced Research for CRP Grads

What is Peer Review?

The goal of Peer Review is to assess the quality of articles submitted for publication in a scholarly journal.

Peer Review in 3 Minutes by NCSU Libraries.

BE AWARE: Not everything published in a scholarly journal is a Peer Reviewed Article!  When limiting to "peer-reviewed" the databases are going by the type of journal, and not distinguishing the variety of content in the journal, which typically also contains editorials and book reviews, which are not peer-reviewed.​

The peer-review and publication process often takes well over one year, so it might be hard to find a peer-reviewed article for a currently emerging topic.

If you are still unsure if it is a peer-reviewed journal, Google the journal's homepage.

Key Scholarly Journals for Planners

Types of Articles


Peer-Reviewed Planning and Landscape Journals

This list features selected planning and landscape titles from a 2007 list of international journals designated by PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) as "peer-reviewed."

From the full PAIS International Peer Reviewed Journals List

PAIS defines 'peer-review' or 'refereed' as the role of experts or review boards in the field of expertise examining the journal articles before acceptance for publication. It is the process through which experts in the field of study assess the quality of articles that are submitted to a journal for publication.

PAIS relies upon the front matter of the journal in hand to determine that it is peer-reviewed and contacts publishers for verification.

For more on PAIS and the full list:

African Development Review/Revue Africaine de Développement.
Australian Journal of Rural Health (1038-5282)
Canadian Journal of Development Studies/Revue Canadienne d'Etudes du Développement. (0225-5189)
Canadian Journal of Urban Research (1188-3774)
Canadian Studies in Population. (0380-1489)
Cities: the international journal of urban policy and planning. (0264-2751)
Coastal Management: an international journal of marine environment, resources, law and society. (0892-0753)
Community Development Journal: an international forum. (0010-3802)
Community Development: Journal of the Community Development Society (1557-5330)
Development and Change. (0012-155X)
Development in Practice. (0961-4524)
Development Policy Review. (0950-6764)
Development Southern Africa (0376-835X)
Development. (1011-6370)
Disasters: the journal of disaster studies, policy and management. (0361-3666)
Environment and Development Economics. (1355-770X)
Environment and Urbanization. (0956-2478)
European Journal of Development Research (0957-8811)
European Planning Studies (0965-4313)
Evaluation Quarterly: a journal of applied social research. (0145-0692)
Evaluation Review: a journal of applied social research. (0193-841X)
Habitat International (0197-3975)
Health Promotion International (0957-4824)
Health Promotion Practice (1524-8399)
Housing and Society. (0888-2746)
Housing Policy Debate. (1051-1482)
Housing Studies (0267-3037)
Journal of the American Planning Association (1939-0130 (electronic) 0194-4363 (paper))
Journal of Architectural and Planning Research. (0738-0895)
Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research. (1094-3412)
Journal of Children and Poverty. (1079-6126)
Journal of Community Health: the publication for health promotion and disease prevention. (0094-5145)
Journal of Community Practice: organizing, planning, development & change
Journal of Developing Areas. (0022-037X)
Journal of Developing Societies. (0169-796X)
Journal of Development Economics. (0304-3878)
Journal of Development Studies. (0022-0388)
Journal of Economic and Social Geography See Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie/Journal of Economic and Social Geography.
Journal of Energy and Development. (0361-4476)
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management (0964-0568)
Journal of Housing for the Elderly. (0276-3893)
Journal of Housing Research. (1052-7001)
Journal of Human Ecology (0970-9274)
Journal of International Development. (0954-1748)
Journal of Planning Education and Research. (0739-456X)
Journal of Planning History (1538-5132)
Journal of Planning Literature: incorporating the CPL bibliographies. (0885-4122)
Journal of Poverty: innovations on social, political & economic inequalities. (1087-5549)
Journal of Progressive Human Services. (1042-8232)
Journal of Refugee Studies. (0951-6328)
Journal of Rural Health. (0890-765X)
Journal of Rural Studies. (0743-0167)
Journal of the Community Development Society. (0010-3829)
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy. (0022-5258)
Journal of Transportation and Statistics. (1094-8848)
Journal of Urban Affairs: the journal of the Urban Affairs Association. (0735-2166)
Journal of Urban Health (1099-3460)
Land Economics. (0023-7639)
Land Use Policy. (0264-8377)
Natural Hazards (0921-030X)
Ocean and Coastal Management. (0964-5691)
Ocean and Shoreline Management. (0951-8312)
Ocean Development and International Law: the journal of marine affairs. (0090-8320)
Oxford Development Studies (1360-0818)
Planning Theory & Practice (1464-9357)
Population and Environment: a journal of interdisciplinary studies. (0199-0039)
Progress in Development Studies (1464-9934)
Psychology and Developing Societies (0971-3336)
Public Works Management & Policy: research and practice in transportation, infrastructure, and the environment. (1087-724X)
Regional and Federal Studies. (1359-7566)
Regional Development Studies. (1020-3060)
Regional Studies. (0034-3404)
Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies (RURDS) (0917-0553)
Rural Sociology. (0036-0112)
Social Policy Journal. (1533-2942)
Social Policy. (0037-7783)
Society and Natural Resources (0894-1920)
Socio-Economic Planning Sciences: the international journal of public sector decision-making. (0038-0121)
Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy (1548-7733)
Sustainable Development (0968-0802)