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Advanced Research for CRP Grads

Best Practices Online

The following are online databases specifically intended to pull together best practices in planning and related topics.

What are best practices and why do I need them?

"Best practices" are those methods, processes, and procedures that have been shown to be the most effective at accomplishing a particular task.  In planning, we need to research best practices before making decisions that will invest a lot of time and money.  We need to know what others have done when faced with similar situations, and which actions have worked best.

Conducting best practices research is challenging.  While you can Google "planning best practices" and you will find some information, most of the examples out there are not labelled "best practices" and therefore take some digging to find. The best way to find best practices is to know your field - keep up with professional reading and be aware of the kinds of organizations that provide information for planning professionals.  This guide is intended to help you with that.

This page introduces you to some websites that are specifically geared towards finding best practices.  However, best practices research will involve investigating the resources described on the other tabs of this guide as well.

Planning Advisory Service Reports

Published by the American Planning Association, these reports are a great way to learn about best practices.

The library gets all of these reports in print, search PolyCat for "Planning Advisory Service" along with topical keywords if you choose.