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Architectural Engineering

ASTM International Standards



Technical Reports

These are generally published to report the results of research funded by government agencies and other organizations that require information to be made available to the public. Often the same information is also published in journal articles of conference proceedings.  Technical reports are often published by government agencies, such as NASA, the Defense Department, etc., and by universiteis, such as MIT, Cal Tech, etc.

How to find them. Search for technical reports using the same article databases you use to find scholarly journal articles (see the Articles & Conference Papers tab). However, the library does not purchse many technical reports, so in most cases you'll need to use Interlibrary Loan to obtain the report you need.

Standards & Specifications

Standards and specifications provide guidance and instruction on how goods and services are to be designed, constructed, manufactured, handled, conducted or tested. 


A patent is a legal document stating that the government has granted exclusive right to an inventor or manufacturer to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years ( definition).

How to find them: Google Scholar provides access to all US patents from 1790 to sometime in 2006. This is convenient since you can retrieve journal articles, patents, and a vareity of other types of resources all in one search. However, for very recent patents, and for patent applications, you'll have to go straight to the source: the United States Patent and Trademark Office.