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Architecture 132 Winter 2020

Tips for search terms

Use the name of your architect and the name of the house 

example:   Wright   Fallingwater


But, if you get too many irrelevant results, throw in the word


this helps weeds out irrelevant results


You can also throw in words like  

drawings         plans

and sometimes those results may have some drawings or plans (but not always!)

Search Many Article Databases at Once


Get It At Cal Poly - linking out to full text access

Not everything you find will be available full text right on the screen where you find it.  Keep your radar up for "Get it At Cal Poly" and "Sign in For More Options" - both of these will help you get to the full text, either immediately in:

a) another database;

or less immediately via b) CSU+

or c) Interlibrary Loan. 

CSU+ requests typically arrive in less than 3 days, ILL article requests typically come in a day or

For this class PLEASE DO NOT use REQUEST link for Items that are available in Kennedy Library.

Don't use the REQUEST button for items available in Kennedy LIbrary.   Go directly to get the books off the shelf yourself.  If you use the request button, it will be unavailable to you for several hours, and then nobody else can get it, either.