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Architecture Citation and Intellectual Property Resources

This is a new guide as of September 2012 and will be updated with new content over the course of Fall Quarter.

The Basics in Citing Images

Giving proper credit for images has two parts: a caption with the image itself, and an entry in your bibliography. Where the image appears, write a descriptive caption indicating the source of the image. Then create an entry in your bibliography. While most citation styles do not give a rigid format for citing images, we can construct informative citations based on some or all of the following elements:

  • Artist's name (if known)
  • Title of the image (if known; if not, create a description & place in square brackets)
  • Institution where the photograph or original artwork is held (if applicable)
  • If taken from a book or journal:
    All the usual citation information – refer to your APA style guide
  • If taken from an online database:
    Database name, date of access, URL (if applicable)
  • If taken from the Internet:
    Title of web site (if it has no title, create a descriptive one and place in square brackets), Date of access, URL

Concentrate on creating the best citation you can given the information you can locate. The intent is not to frustrate you with intricate rules, but to give you guidelines so that you can provide your reader with enough information that they can track down the original image if they so choose.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Kennedy Library provides helpful information on copyright and fair use on its website.

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