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Data Services

Data Services

Discover - Explore - Create - Share

Data Services at Kennedy Library supports the discovery, exploration and sharing of data via technology and collaboration. Data Services includes resources to help find datasets and software tools, build skills, apply GIS and Data Visualization, and more. 

The Open Studio is the center of Kennedy Library's Data Services program. Located within the newly renovated Hub24 in Rm 111, the space facilitates interdisciplinary exchange of ideas surrounding data.

Presentations & Workshops

Learn from hands-on workshops in data visualization

Interactive Mapping Tools

We can provide access and training for interactive mapping using ESRI, Google Maps and more

Data Visualization

Learn data visualization tools, such as Tableau, for creating interactive data dashboards

Computing with R

Our Peer Assistant students in statistics are proficient with RStudio

Collaborate & Share

Meet in the Library Hub 24 to collaborate and share your work