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Research 101: A Self-Guided Tutorial

Research Smarter

6 - Search Strategies

How Do I Search in a Database?

Different databases may look different but they can all be used in similar ways. Go to a database’s Help function for instructions or you can remember to use the helpful hints below:

image of an arrowTip 1: Start with a keyword search to see how many and what type of results come up.

image of an arrowTip 2: You can also search by Author's name, Subject terms, Journal title, and Article title. Use the drop-down menu or Advanced Search to search in specific fields of the record.

image of an arrowTip 3: Use filters (also known as limits or facets) to refine your result. Typical filters are: Date, Type of publication (e.g., magazine, journal, newspaper, dissertation, etc.), Language, and Subjects.